Sealer Products

High-Quality Penetrating Sealer

Whenever you need to reapply sealer products on your tiles and grouts, it is better to choose penetrating sealer products. And if you want to know more about the sealing materials, you can talk to our team. Our tile and grout sealing products are-

·         Non-inflammatory and water-soluble.

·         Cures easily.

·         Gives protection against water damage and staining.

·         Protects against deep tile staining with coffee, grease, oil, tea, etc.

·         No alteration in the coefficient of friction or slip factor.

·         Helps to control efflorescence.

·         No moss, algae, and mould formation.

·          Avoids corrosion damage on steel reinforcing.

·         Gives a natural finish.

·         Ideal for use in pools, marine and saltwater.

·         Doesn’t retain water over the tiles.

Long-Lasting Impregnating Tile And Grout Sealer

If you are looking for long-lasting tile sealer products for your damaged tiles, you can contact our team. Our impregnating tile and grout sealing products provide-

·         Protection of concrete, terracotta, pavers, sandstone, and any other natural rocks.

·         Helps to remove dirt, dust, grease, graffiti, or any types of stain efficiently.

·         Less efflorescence.

·         Reduces moss, algal, and fungal growths.

·         Avoids corrosion damage on steel reinforcing.

·         No alteration in the coefficient of friction or slip factor.

·         Serves a natural look.

·         Provides quick water vaporization.

·         Penetrates deep into the tiles and the gaps.

·         Serves a great deal in salt barriers, pools, and marines.

Solvent Based Penetrating Sealer

We have the best solvent-based penetrating sealer for your severely damaged tiles and grouts. So, if you want to repair the granite, marble, natural stone, reconstituted stone, and pressed pavers, you can contact us. Our team is efficient in getting you the best sealer products given to the situation.

Premium Concrete Sealer

Our professional tile and grout cleaning team offer driveway and garage floor colour sealing services. We have the best sealer products for different types of tiles. You will get-

·         Highly resistant sealer products for tile stain removal

·         High Water and salt tolerance

·         Efflorescence protecting

·         Illuminating and matte finish

·         UV resistant

·         High clarity

·         Works efficiently on concrete, brick, paver, and driveway. 

For any type of tile and grout sealing, contact us on the given number and choose the best sealer products for your tiles.